Segmentation fault after new wine update and install

Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed Sep 10 10:13:44 CDT 2003

Le mar 09/09/2003 à 12:34, Juraj Hercek a écrit :
> I've fixed the error on my side with 
> WINEDLLPATH="/usr/local/lib/wine:.". Anyways I think it's a workaround 
> not a solution... Since I don't know much about initialization, I would 
> leave the real fix for someone more skillful.

It seems like if WINEDLLPATH is set, Wine dlls are only searched for in
it and nowhere else. I'll verify if that's the case or not, but that's
my gut feeling for now. Is it the behaviour we want?

Dimi, it seems it's the same issue we had with the winewrap generated
scripts (WINEDLLPATH was ".:").


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