Indent to get Avisynth working with Wine/Winelib

Kevin Atkinson kevina at
Wed Sep 10 16:06:30 CDT 2003


I am the developer of the C interface for Avisynth.  Avisynth is a 
very popular Open Source tool for for video post-production for Win32.  
More information can be found at

My intent is to get Avisynth working under Linux with the help of 
Wine/Winelib.  Since it normal interface is VC++ recompiling it under 
Winelib is not really an option as that will mean that existing plugins for 
Avisynth will no longer work without a recompile.  My main purpose of the 
C API I am developing is to act as a bridge so that GCC compiled programs 
can communicate with it.  This will allow it to be used as a filter in 
Linux programs, and should even allow Linux specific plugins to work with 
Avisynth under Linux.

But first I need to get Avisynth working under wine.  I filed a bug 
report on the matter, , and 
would really appreciate if someone could look into it.

After I get Avisynth working I need to be able to call the DLL from Linux.  
I believe that is possible but I can't seam to find out how after looking 
over the winelib docks.

After that I might want to avoid having to use the full blown wine 
emulator by only proving the API calls Avisynth really needs much like the 
method used to get windows codec working under Linux.

But first I need to get Avisynth working under wine.  I know very little 
about Windows development or wine so I really can't fix the bug on my own.

Thanks in advance.


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