Indent to get Avisynth working with Wine/Winelib

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Wed Sep 10 16:36:02 CDT 2003

On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Kevin Atkinson wrote:

> My intent is to get Avisynth working under Linux with the help of 
> Wine/Winelib.  Since it normal interface is VC++ recompiling it under 
> Winelib is not really an option as that will mean that existing plugins for 
> Avisynth will no longer work without a recompile.  My main purpose of the 
> C API I am developing is to act as a bridge so that GCC compiled programs 
> can communicate with it.  This will allow it to be used as a filter in 
> Linux programs, and should even allow Linux specific plugins to work with 
> Avisynth under Linux.

Good. Did you have a Makefile that will build this under MinGW.
If yes, all you have to do is use winegcc & wrc instead of
gcc and windres (however, winegcc is still in development,
and can't generate DLLs, but that's another story).
If no, please port it first to MinGW.

> But first I need to get Avisynth working under wine.  I filed a bug 
> report on the matter, , and 
> would really appreciate if someone could look into it.

OK, I accepted the bug, I'll help you out.

> After I get Avisynth working I need to be able to call the DLL from Linux.  
> I believe that is possible but I can't seam to find out how after looking 
> over the winelib docks.

This is not currently possible, sorry. How big is this interface to
avisynth? The only option ATM is to have it out-of-process, so we'll
need to come up with some sort of stub/proxy, if you're interested.


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