List of API functions and completeness.

Jacobus Erasmus jacobus at
Wed Sep 10 17:21:56 CDT 2003

Hi I'm looking for a list of all the functions that would be displayed
in a debug list.

I'm feel like doing a fun project and am wondering if any body have
pointers on how I can obtain the information I need.

Basically I'm interested in writing a little script that would run
through a debug output and pickup all the functions called with the
execution of the Windows program in wine.

I then want to match the functions called with a DB that tell me what
the estimated completion level of each function is. 

The idea is to then is to calculate the probability that a program will
function correctly with the current wine implementation. This is done
using statistical data and estimation data for each function.  (Like I
say just for interest sake).

What bothers me is the estimation of function completeness. How can I
measure or alternatively collect this. Any suggestions would be

Jacobus Erasmus <jacobus at>
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