[wine] List of API functions and completeness.

David Lee Lambert lamber45 at cse.msu.edu
Mon Sep 15 05:59:58 CDT 2003

On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 12:21:56AM +0200, Jacobus Erasmus wrote:
> Hi I'm looking for a list of all the functions that would be displayed
> in a debug list.
> Basically I'm interested in writing a little script that would run
> through a debug output and pickup all the functions called with the
> execution of the Windows program in wine.

You don't really need a list of functions to do this;  you just need to 
parse the debug-output (probably of 'wine -debugmsg +relay').  It should 
by easy to do this in Perl and store the result in a MySQL table,  for 
instance.  Probably the table would be based on the tuple (program, 
function, count)...  You could also just collect the informatio in a hash 
and print it to stdout,  but that would be less useful for comparing 
multiple programs.


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