[ros-kernel] an interesting idea

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 12 14:53:44 CDT 2003

This is what I have been thinking. We can move parts of UML back to 
a subsytem mode and them implement a Xsever in to Win32k.sys/GDI32.
You wouldnt even need to recompile X applications provided we implement
X properly. All that would be needed is a modded Xserver and X libs.
The client libs should still work using X protocal and Xtenstions.

This type of hybrid system could then run any application Windows or Linux
and would not suffer from the same problems WINE does because it would
be a real Linux Kerenl and GLIBC running. 

--- Jonathan Wilson <jonwil at tpgi.com.au> wrote:
> Something we could do (once we get UML going without cygwin and down into 
> the kernel) is to build a Linux subsystem (mabie even with ports of 
> GTK/QT/X/etc on top of GDI) that could run linux apps just as easily as it 
> can run windows apps.

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