[ros-kernel] an interesting idea

Michael B. Trausch fd0man at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 12 13:55:41 CDT 2003

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, Steven Edwards wrote:
> This is what I have been thinking. We can move parts of UML back to
> a subsytem mode and them implement a Xsever in to Win32k.sys/GDI32.
> You wouldnt even need to recompile X applications provided we implement
> X properly. All that would be needed is a modded Xserver and X libs.
> The client libs should still work using X protocal and Xtenstions.
> This type of hybrid system could then run any application Windows or Linux
> and would not suffer from the same problems WINE does because it would
> be a real Linux Kerenl and GLIBC running.
> Thanks
> Steven

Interesting idea, indeed, to have the ability to run linux applications on
top of ReactOS.  I think that it'd be great, actually, because I use an
awful lot of Linux applications, and it sounds like actually, they
wouldn't suffer from the same type of speed problems and issues that WINE
does running Windows apps on Linux, nor Cygwin apps on Windows (because
instead of emulating, we'd have the real deal).

That might be something that I can *try* to help with, even, but like I've
made reference to before, I know next to nothing but C syntax.  :-P


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