Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Sun Sep 14 09:26:04 CDT 2003

Hi list,
I'm translating regedit to italian, and I wanted to make it as similar as
possible to the windows regedit. The only problem is that the wine regedit is
based on the english m$ regedit, but m$ has written the italian version in a
slightly different way. For example, what in the m$ english version and in the
wine version is
import registry file
in the m$ italian version is translated into
import file of the configuration registry
Now I'm not sure if I should base the italian translation of the wine registry
on the english version of the registry(I suppose it would be more consistent
with other translations), or if I should translate it as m$ has done(What I
think is best, as any user coming from an italian windows installation would
find familiar menus), any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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