Numeric data problems on wine

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Wed Sep 17 02:33:31 CDT 2003

Hengga wrote:

> Hi...,
> It's my first experience with wine.
> I got wine installed on my computer.  It runs Xandros Desktop 1.0 
> based on Debian distro.
> I am about to run my applications created on windows platform.
> The applications created by Sybase Power Builder 7.0.
> When I run the applications, if I put the numeric data (integer, long 
> integer, etc.), e.g.:
> 1 it will appears +..
> 11 it will appears +..1
> 111 it will appears +.1.1
> 123 it will appears +.2.3
> When I try to run it on windows, everything fine.
> What's wrong with it? Anyone have the experience.  Help me please.
> BTW, my wine package is wine-20030911.tar.gz
> Thanks.
> Hengga

Can you add some more details?
Is this a GUI application? If not what? If it is, what GUI construct is 
it? Edit control? Static text?
Personally, I did not understand what the problem is. Does the text 
appear as plus dot dot?
Is the application open source? Can you post the binary somewhere so 
that we can test that too?


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