API DB scripts available - help wanted populating the apps table

Dave Miller compsol at ptd.net
Wed Sep 17 03:07:51 CDT 2003

I have placed all of the scripts used in creating the API DB at in a .tar.gz available here: in case anyone is interested.  Yes, 
they are ugly.  I'll gladly accept any improvements or ideas.  :)

One of the scripts (dump_app_imports) dumps the apis used by a given 
program.  Another can query the database from a web form to find missing 
apis for a given app.  If anyone is interested in finding what apis are 
missing for particular apps please run dump_app_imports on the install 
directory as follows:  dump_app_imports.pl -p path-to-app -f 
appname-and-version and email me the resulting appname.ref file.  I will 
then add it to the database.   The script which does the queries still 
needs some work but I am ready to add applications now.

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