resend - system tray support

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed Sep 17 07:35:45 CDT 2003

"Rolf Kalbermatter" <rolf.kalbermatter at> wrote:

> > Where did you find this one? Neither Wine nor win2k SP4 has an export
> > with that name.
> Probably my fault. It must be a name I have come up.
> It is ordinal 188 on my win2k version 5.0, build 3315, shell32.dll.
> And Wine currently doesn't export ordinal 188 from shell32.dll at all.
> The declaration I have come up with would be
> void  SHRegisterShellDDE(BOOL start);

In any case I couldn't find the corresponding strings commands in shell32
at all: CreateGroup, ShowGroup, AddItem, etc. in ASCII or unicode form.
Even the word "progman" exists only in the exported names SetProgmanWindow
and GetProgmanWindow, although progman DDE interface must have an atom
with that name.


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