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ilmcuts ilmcuts at
Wed Sep 17 16:24:33 CDT 2003

At 21:35 17.09.2003 +0900, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
>"Rolf Kalbermatter" <rolf.kalbermatter at> wrote:
> > > Where did you find this one? Neither Wine nor win2k SP4 has an export
> > > with that name.
> >
> > Probably my fault. It must be a name I have come up.
> >
> > It is ordinal 188 on my win2k version 5.0, build 3315, shell32.dll.
> >
> > And Wine currently doesn't export ordinal 188 from shell32.dll at all.
> >
> > The declaration I have come up with would be
> >
> > void  SHRegisterShellDDE(BOOL start);
>In any case I couldn't find the corresponding strings commands in shell32
>at all: CreateGroup, ShowGroup, AddItem, etc. in ASCII or unicode form.
>Even the word "progman" exists only in the exported names SetProgmanWindow
>and GetProgmanWindow, although progman DDE interface must have an atom
>with that name.

Check a Win9x version of shell32.dll; also check shdocvw.dll (ordinal 118) 
and shdocvw401.dll. One of them exports the function by name on some Win9x 
version. The correct name is "ShellDDEInit". I'm not sure where the true 
implementation is located, but using ordinal 118 from shdocvw.dll works 
beautifully on every windows version which has that DLL. I suspect however 
that it is only a redirect to the true implementation which may be inside 
shell32.dll or somewhere else. *shrug*

I have no idea though where the connection to the system tray is (I didn't 
follow the thread from the beginning). Granted, a few items such as the 
"open network connections" menu entry in the context menu of the DUN icon 
depend on the presence of a DDE server, but the system tray itself works 
fine without it.

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