resend - system tray support

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Sep 18 05:01:21 CDT 2003

"ilmcuts" <ilmcuts at> wrote:

> Check a Win9x version of shell32.dll; also check shdocvw.dll (ordinal 118) 
> and shdocvw401.dll. One of them exports the function by name on some Win9x 
> version. The correct name is "ShellDDEInit". I'm not sure where the true 
> implementation is located, but using ordinal 118 from shdocvw.dll works 
> beautifully on every windows version which has that DLL. I suspect however 
> that it is only a redirect to the true implementation which may be inside 
> shell32.dll or somewhere else. *shrug*

After looking again at the shell32 from win2k SP4 I've found that it really
has the strings used by the progman DDE interface. The reason why I didn't
find the first time is that strings are spread over the code section. So,
yes, it seems that at least the progman DDE interface handler is residing
in shell32. Now the question is: how we should implement it? Just add a
necessary atom "progman" and create a hidden window on dll load event, or
wait for some apparently undocumented API call and initialize only then?

Rolf, my apologies for not looking carefully enough first time around.


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