Configuration parameters

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Wed Sep 17 15:45:15 CDT 2003

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> Name Needed Dynamic PerApp Default value
> [Drive X]
> Path cfg yes no
> Type cfg yes no
> Label cfg yes no
> Serial cfg yes no
> Filesystem cfg yes no
> Device cfg yes no
I don't quite agree on the "yes" flag for dynamicity. (Unless I don't 
understand the same thing as you do regarding dynamicity). Changing the 
registry shouldn't trigger anything here. We should however be able to 
add/remove drive at runtime, but there are regular APIs for that (except 
perhaps for the permanent bits).

> [WinMM]
> Drivers regedt no no <auto>
> WaveMapper regedt no no msacm.drv
> MidiMapper regedt no no midimap.drv
will need in the future a more robust configuration scheme, especially 
if we want to get rid of the hacks to pair MM devices and dsound devices.
By <auto> to you mean a default value has to be computed by wincfg, or 
shall wine be able to run even if no value has been set yet ? (first 
option is quite doable for MM, second is a bit more unclear).
I'd add a few others options:
"MidiMapper settings" regedt no no none

Don't forget also a couple of configuration bits still remaining in 
system.ini (in particular, mci and msacm drivers definition). Those also 
exist in registry (under windows) but haven't been ported to wine (yet)


Eric Pouech

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