Configuration parameters

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Wed Sep 17 16:13:04 CDT 2003

On Wed, 17 Sep 2003, Eric Pouech wrote:

> Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> > Name Needed Dynamic PerApp Default value
> > [Drive X]
> > Path cfg yes no
> > Type cfg yes no
> > Label cfg yes no
> > Serial cfg yes no
> > Filesystem cfg yes no
> > Device cfg yes no
> I don't quite agree on the "yes" flag for dynamicity. (Unless I don't 
> understand the same thing as you do regarding dynamicity). Changing the 
> registry shouldn't trigger anything here. We should however be able to 
> add/remove drive at runtime, but there are regular APIs for that (except 
> perhaps for the permanent bits).

Yes, I realized it was a bit unclear, I meant we should be able to
change the drive definitions. I'll update the table accordingly.

> > [WinMM]
> > Drivers regedt no no <auto>
> > WaveMapper regedt no no msacm.drv
> > MidiMapper regedt no no midimap.drv
> will need in the future a more robust configuration scheme, especially 
> if we want to get rid of the hacks to pair MM devices and dsound devices.
> By <auto> to you mean a default value has to be computed by wincfg, or 
> shall wine be able to run even if no value has been set yet ? (first 
> option is quite doable for MM, second is a bit more unclear).

I was hoping we can detect that at runtime. Even if we don't, Wine
should run (without sound) without a setting here.

> I'd add a few others options:
> "MidiMapper settings" regedt no no none
> Don't forget also a couple of configuration bits still remaining in 
> system.ini (in particular, mci and msacm drivers definition). Those also 
> exist in registry (under windows) but haven't been ported to wine (yet)

Can you please give me a explicit list of such settings?
"MidiMapper settings" doesn't fit well in the current format.
Besides, it will be generally useful to have a comprehensive
list of all possible settings.


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