Configuration parameters

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at
Thu Sep 18 12:26:45 CDT 2003

>>>Drivers regedt no no <auto>
>>>WaveMapper regedt no no msacm.drv
>>>MidiMapper regedt no no midimap.drv
>>will need in the future a more robust configuration scheme, especially 
>>if we want to get rid of the hacks to pair MM devices and dsound devices.
>>By <auto> to you mean a default value has to be computed by wincfg, or 
>>shall wine be able to run even if no value has been set yet ? (first 
>>option is quite doable for MM, second is a bit more unclear).
> I was hoping we can detect that at runtime. Even if we don't, Wine
> should run (without sound) without a setting here.
the point is that it's not easy to tell between :
- two physical sound cards (one ALSA, one OSS)
- one physical sound card but with ALSA and OSS emulation on top of ALSA
moreover, we'll have to store winmm card information to dsound driver 
somewhere in order to link them (and stop using the current hack)
that's why some driver configuration will be necessary in the registry

>>I'd add a few others options:
>>"MidiMapper settings" regedt no no none
>>Don't forget also a couple of configuration bits still remaining in 
>>system.ini (in particular, mci and msacm drivers definition). Those also 
>>exist in registry (under windows) but haven't been ported to wine (yet)
> Can you please give me a explicit list of such settings?
> "MidiMapper settings" doesn't fit well in the current format.
> Besides, it will be generally useful to have a comprehensive
> list of all possible settings.
see comment at the top of dlls/winmm/midimap/midimap.c

for the other settings , you have :
- the list of audio & video codecs (in driver32 section from system.ini)
- the list of known mci drivers. Firstly, looked for in the options 
section of the wine config file. If nothing is defined, it's looked for 
in the mci section in the system.ini file


Eric Pouech

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