winedbg and loading symbols

Michael Ost most at
Fri Sep 19 00:51:56 CDT 2003

Howdy, list.

I can't figure out how to get winedbg (6/18/03 build) to load my
application's symbol table. I am writing an ELF application which uses
the wine libraries, and trying to debug it with winedbg. 

I can run that program fine, but when it loads the shared library built
by winebuild ( it says that there is no debug information
in the ELF shared library. The file is built with -g, and 'nm' shows
symbols galore.

I tried using the 'symbolfile' command. The docs suggest that it would
help, but I can't figure out what sort of 'path' argument it wants.
Here's what I typed:

Wine-dbg>symbolfile /home/most/src/rm-host/x86/
Parse error
Wine-dbg>symbolfile F:\src\rm-host\x86\
Parse error

Any suggestions? By the way has anyone got a GUI front end to winedbg in
the works (ala kdbg for gdb)? I'd love to ge my hands on it.

- mo

PS: Sorry if this isn't the right forum, perhaps it's not a developer
topic. But I can't find any other useful resources.

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