text edit box not painting text ( on form startup )

Doug Herbert dougy_herbert at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 21 21:22:32 CDT 2003


the following edit control debugmsg from my simple app
has two lines, probably worth of discussion - the last
two in the following log extract :


trace:edit:EDIT_WM_SetText L"more text by Doug"
trace:edit:EDIT_EM_ReplaceSel L"more text by Doug",
can_undo 0, send_update 0
trace:edit:EDIT_MakeFit trying to ReAlloc to 17+1
trace:edit:EDIT_MakeFit Old 32 bit handle 0x404ad022,
new handle 0x404ad022
trace:edit:EDIT_MakeFit We now have 31+1
trace:edit:EDIT_EM_ReplaceSel inserting stuff (tl 0,
strl 17, selstart 0 ('L""'), text 'L""')
trace:edit:EDIT_WM_SetText notification EN_CHANGE sent
to hwnd=0x10023
trace:edit:EDIT_WM_SetText notification EN_UPDATE sent
to hwnd=0x10023

---snip ---

I do not see these SetText notifications in the
problem app. How are these notifications triggered ?

I am currently reading through the controls/edit.c
source, to understand how this control repaints


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