text edit box not painting text ( on form startup )

Doug Herbert dougy_herbert at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 21 18:51:18 CDT 2003

> It's possible that this might help.
> Huw.
> -- 
> -		/*
> -		 *	FIXME: maybe DefWindowProc() > -	
>  		result = MA_ACTIVATE;
>  		break;
> +        SetFocus(es->hwndSelf);
>  	if (!(es->flags & EF_FOCUSED))

Thanks for the reply. I have recompiled my wine
version ( 20030911 from winehq ) but it did not help. 

Dumb question, but the suggested patch would only
affect mouse over ? I tried mouse over, but the text
is only painted when I tab into the field - either by
clicking on the field or using the tab key.

( aside : the reason for my mention of a simple
windows app here, is an aid only to see a working
example, of a text edit box displaying text, before
that editbox has focus.  

Compared with the real windows app I am trying to
diagnose )

I have done some more tracing and notice that the
EDIT_PaintLine debug message is only displayed when I
activate the field. 

In the basic window app I compiled, this
EDIT_PaintLine message is displayed on form startup (
I do not manually activate the fields in my simple app
- though this seems one solution - only problem the
database app is one we have purchased off a third
party, so no acccess to the source.

The database app ( the one with this painting edit box
problem ) does log  

--- snip ----

trace:edit:EditWndProc_common hwnd=0x40026 msg=c
wparam=0 lparam=419318b9
trace:edit:EDIT_WM_SetText L"This is textbox 3"
trace:edit:EDIT_EM_ReplaceSel L"This is textbox 3",
can_undo 0, send_update 0
trace:edit:EDIT_MakeFit trying to ReAlloc to 17+1
trace:edit:EDIT_MakeFit Old 32 bit handle 0x404efd5a,
new handle 0x404efd5a
trace:edit:EDIT_MakeFit We now have 31+1
trace:edit:EDIT_EM_ReplaceSel inserting stuff (tl 0,
strl 17, selstart 0 ('L""'), text 'L""')

but the following does not happen until the edit field
is activated. ( then we can see the text )

trace:edit:EDIT_WM_SetFocus notification EN_SETFOCUS
sent to hwnd=0x40025
err:keyboard:X11DRV_ToUnicode Please report: no char
for keysym FE20 (ISO_Left_Tab) :
trace:edit:EditWndProc_common hwnd=0x40026 msg=f
wparam=0 lparam=0
trace:edit:EditWndProc_common hwnd=0x40026 msg=14
wparam=730 lparam=0
trace:edit:EDIT_PaintLine line=0

---- snip -----

do when the edit box has focus, I now see the text
'This is textbox 3'



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