Wine's options (ver 0.3)

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Fri Sep 19 16:31:38 CDT 2003

New and improved! I hope that the little comments
I get reflect aproval, not lack of interest :)

Mike is doing all the hard work, let's give him
a hand! The fewer properties we need in winecfg,
the less work for him :)

Changes since last version:
  o registryGlobalRegistryDir: removed it for now, 
	I've sent a patch to remove it from the tree as well.
  o x11drv/Managed: made it a regedit property. We should remove
	it altogether long term, but we're not there for now.
  o made the entire [ports] section regedit, it's low level
	stuff that shouldn't concern regular users.
  o split the table into two tables: WineCfg and regedit 
	properties. Makes things simpler to follow, and
	should help out on tracking what needs to be
	done for winecfg.
  o changed a few bad defaults

  o add the winmm properties as indicated by Eric.

Comments are always appreciated.


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