Wine's options (ver 0.3)

Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Sep 20 11:29:17 CDT 2003

> Mike is doing all the hard work, let's give him
> a hand! The fewer properties we need in winecfg,
> the less work for him :)

Yup, indeed. I have only 9 or 10 more days which I can work on this on
(and I won't be spending all of them on winecfg!), so *somebody* is
going to have to take over soon.

>   o x11drv/Managed: made it a regedit property. We should remove
> 	it altogether long term, but we're not there for now.

Cool. What about Display? Why does this need to be in the GUI when ssh
takes care of it for you, and the standard way to configure this is by
setting DISPLAY?

>   o split the table into two tables: WineCfg and regedit 
> 	properties. Makes things simpler to follow, and
> 	should help out on tracking what needs to be
> 	done for winecfg.

Might be an idea to label which is which. It's fairly clear that the top
is winecfg, but just to make sure...

thanks -mike

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