Vincent Béron vberon at
Sat Sep 20 16:01:06 CDT 2003

Le sam 20/09/2003 à 13:05, Vincent Béron a écrit :
> Le sam 20/09/2003 à 11:36, Dimitrie O. Paun a écrit :
> > 
> > Here is a little script that can help translators
> > to keep their languages up to date. It already
> > helped get the French translation updated :)))
> It was very helpful to locate which ones were out of date (or completely
> inexistant), but the ones marked '.' weren't all up to date regarding
> English (see the current commdlg resources for how it's possible).
> What is needed is a parser to get at least the structure of the .rc
> files, to identify the layout of the menus and the ID of the strings,
> and then compare those between languages. Or something based on that
> (removing quoted text and comments, then diff? That'd be possible in sh
> probably).

I'm currently developing something along those lines (in sh), and it's
coming quite nicely. Also, I've found a Perl book, so I'll try to port
it over once the functionnality is there. Should run way faster than the
sh stuff.


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