Wine lecture slides

Mike Hearn mike at
Sat Sep 20 17:04:41 CDT 2003

This is a pretty rocking presentation. I may steal it sometime (if I
ever give a presentation on Wine), so I hope it's under a free license
:) Some notes as I read:

* I say Wine is an emulator. I don't know how to read the official
definition, it could go both ways, but I've found the whole "Wine Is Not
an Emulator" thing just confuses newbies :)

* Slide 12 - s/Challange/Challenge/

* Slide 17 - 3rd file type is NE (win16 binary). PE = Portable
Executable. NE = ?????, but the N is bound to stand for something
stupid, like "new" or whatever....

* Slide 18 - s/relocate/mmap/ ?? 

* Slide 21 - s/contextes/contexts/. I'd also note that the wineserver
does a lot of things the windows kernel does in the real mccoy - for
instance the registry is available from inside kernel mode also...

* Slide 23 - I sent a patch ages ago to make Wine autodetect RH9 and add
--with-nptl if needed

keep on truckin' -mike :)

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