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Sun Sep 21 00:08:07 CDT 2003

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> * I say Wine is an emulator. I don't know how to read the official
> definition, it could go both ways, but I've found the whole "Wine Is Not
> an Emulator" thing just confuses newbies :)

I taste to think that the "Wine is a simulator", because it simulates the
Windows environment. Poverty not?

> * Slide 17 - 3rd file type is NE (win16 binary). PE = Portable
> Executable. NE = ?????, but the N is bound to stand for something
> stupid, like "new" or whatever....

Yes, NE = New Executable, as the opposite to format MZ, that was the
predominant format until the new creation. Already MZ I do not remember what
it means.


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