Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Mon Sep 22 11:32:47 CDT 2003

Vincent, your tool has a little problem: It isn't clear where I'm meant to run
it from. Fromt the wine source root, I get a message saying that ../../tools/wrc
doesn't exist, putting it in a directory 2 levels down (So that ../../tools/wrc
does exist) I get this

[ivan at localhost wrc]$ ./01-verif-rc2__charset_ISO-8859-15
Could not open rsrc.rc
grep: xx????: No such file or directory
grep: xx????: No such file or directory
Ressource type unknown:
[ivan at localhost wrc]$

I'm may be missing something obvious.
The that Dimi sent is much better (For now), for a start it
works, but it is so slow, something faster (Maybe something that can be
compiled?) would be very nice.

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