Vincent Béron vberon at
Mon Sep 22 12:34:04 CDT 2003

Le lun 22/09/2003 à 12:32, Ivan Leo Murray-Smith a écrit :
> Vincent, your tool has a little problem: It isn't clear where I'm meant to run
> it from. Fromt the wine source root, I get a message saying that ../../tools/wrc
> doesn't exist, putting it in a directory 2 levels down (So that ../../tools/wrc
> does exist) I get this

Yes, it's a rough draft. rsrc.rc was the more common resource file for
the dlls/programs I started with. Feed the name of the file as arg if
it's something different. For the dir, I think there's only one or two
times in the tree where resource files are not 2 dirs deep. What would
be needed is couple the functionnality with find, and get the results in
a nice summary.

The output format is rather cryptic too, with numbers instead of
languages and some implicit ID's not in the original resource files.
Workarounds for both are easy, but for a start I wanted to focus on
detecting differences.

Dimi's tag could also be added.

> I'm may be missing something obvious.
> The that Dimi sent is much better (For now), for a start it
> works, but it is so slow, something faster (Maybe something that can be
> compiled?) would be very nice.

Dimi's script is slow because it queries the CVS server for each
processed file. Even compiled it won't be faster.


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