interactive dsound tests fail && winealsa problem

Jerry Jenkins Jerry_J_Jenkins at
Wed Sep 24 06:56:02 CDT 2003

> So, what I'm wondering now is:  1) Should I bother finishing it?  OSS is
> working fine for me again, and if someone else is going to fix the
existing ALSA
> driver...., and 2) if the answer to question 1 is 'yes', then what is the
> protocol for submitting such a substantial code change.  IMO a separate
> would be less destabilizing (don't run it if you don't want to!), but a
> confusing (two ALSA drivers?).

My patch will depend on alsa driver highly. Just a little change to the alsa
APIs will make my patch don't work any more. That's also the reason why I
want to do some checks. So I think that people (at least me) would be glad
to have another choice ... if you do have some time:-). Maybe there are some
more smart opinions.

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