Script to compile Wine programs on Windows

Dimitrie O. Paun dimi at
Wed Sep 24 11:05:04 CDT 2003

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Alexandre Julliard wrote:

> No, it's here so that you can compile with other resource compilers
> that don't support having binary data inline. It could be changed to
> #ifdef __WRC__ though.

Are there such beasts? I didn't know this is a Wine extension...
But even if it is, one thing we can do is to integrate the
bin2res into the build process. We can place the embedded data
inside comments, and run bin2res before compiling an .rc file.
It is quite fast, it will not add anything significant to the
build process, and will get rid of the defines in the process.
Plus it will make it a lot more explicit how this bin2res
business works, it is not a all clear when you've never worked
with it before (and I speak from personal experience :)).


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