Script to compile Wine programs on Windows

Pavel Roskin proski at
Wed Sep 24 12:01:52 CDT 2003

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Steven Edwards wrote:

> Most of it should already build under Cygwin as cygwin1b apps. just
> $ ./configure && make tools && cd dlls && make

The difference is that I'm compiling Wine programs without Wine libraries,
let alone DLLs.  Only a very limited set of libraries is compiled in order
to build wrc.  Other programs are linked against MinGW libraries only.

> I would recommend you get Mingw + MSYS from
> and follow my directions for doing a
> WINE build on Windows from here.

Your instructions mention building DLLs.  I'm not using any Wine DLLs.
It may be another interesting project to compile them for Windows, but I'm
dealing with programs only at this point.

Pavel Roskin

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