Uninstaller crashed on Windows 2000

Philipp Wollermann phil_wo at gmx.net
Wed Sep 24 15:02:38 CDT 2003

Why not fix HeapReAlloc first and see which apps crash? ;-)
Anyway, fixing this seems to be a task I could do, so, if someone could give 
me instructions on how to do it ...


On Wednesday 24 September 2003 21:24, Eric Pouech wrote:
> Pavel Roskin wrote:
> > Hello!
> >
> > HeapReAlloc() would crash on Windows 2000 is the original pointer is
> > NULL. This causes the Andreas Mohr's uninstaller to crash.
> there's lot of code which relies on HeapReAlloc would allocate a block
> if the block to reallocate is NULL (as realloc does in stdlib).
> this is not the case in windows, and we should fix it (and first, fix
> all the wine code relying on this)
> Dimi, may be something to add to the Janitorial list...
> Maybe, we could also keep a least of the most common traps in win32 API
> for unix programmers...
> A+

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