Uninstaller crashed on Windows 2000

Eric Pouech pouech-eric at wanadoo.fr
Wed Sep 24 15:10:42 CDT 2003

Philipp Wollermann wrote:
> Why not fix HeapReAlloc first and see which apps crash? ;-)
it's not a matter of knowing which apps break, but which APIs would break...

> Anyway, fixing this seems to be a task I could do, so, if someone could give 
> me instructions on how to do it ...
cd wine
find . -name '*.[chyl]' -print | xargs grep HeapReAlloc
and then check that we don't, from the code, reallocate a NULL buffer
for example, just browsing the begining of the list in 
dlls/user/message.c, the code handling dde_pairs is wrong

Eric Pouech

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