Updated winetests.exe

Ferenc Wagner wferi at afavant.elte.hu
Sat Sep 27 07:29:48 CDT 2003

Jakob Eriksson <jakob at vmlinux.org> writes:

> winetests.exe with tests from CVS 2003-09-26 can be found here:
> http://vmlinux.org/~jakov/Wine/
> This winetests.exe should not pop up various error
> requesters any more, so if you click past any, please note
> it in the comment text box.

Great, it looks really good.  Since no test failed (MSVC
build rulez), I could not exercise that new functionality,
though.  What would be the output if a test crashed, did not
start or timed out?  You could simply add some text at the
end of the output which explains what happened exactly, and
this would not require any changes to the parser.  Also, the
Tester= field should be given slightly more emphasis, and
the comment could be perhaps part of the report?

It also seems like one architectural change will be
necessary: when you build a test suite, the names of the
included tests, their source directories and CVS revision
numbers should be written into a separate file, and copied
straight onto the processing site.  This is necessary for
setting up links in the output, and probably not worth
including in the package itself.  Hope it is not a big


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