Updated winetests.exe

Jakob Eriksson jakob at vmlinux.org
Sat Sep 27 18:42:58 CDT 2003

On Sat, Sep 27, 2003 at 02:29:48PM +0200, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> Jakob Eriksson <jakob at vmlinux.org> writes:
> > This winetests.exe should not pop up various error
> > requesters any more, so if you click past any, please note
> > it in the comment text box.
> Great, it looks really good.  Since no test failed (MSVC
> build rulez), I could not exercise that new functionality,
> though.  What would be the output if a test crashed, did not
> start or timed out?  You could simply add some text at the

Currently, if it crashes, I don't know what happens.
Either the the entire program skips the test or the program
dies altogether.

If it does not start, I don't remember what happens, but I
think you can tell from the log somehow.

If it times out - well, I do not yet have any timeout
functionality.  Sorry.

> end of the output which explains what happened exactly, and
> this would not require any changes to the parser.  Also, the

Yes, will do when I solve the timeout issue.

> Tester= field should be given slightly more emphasis, and

How can I add more emphasis to it? *sorry, I do not understand*

> the comment could be perhaps part of the report?

Ahh.. ok, I'll fix that.  I will probably fix it in a few
days, unless current situation is OK: I made a temporary
fix by putting the comment at the bottom of the report,
but I guess you want it at the top.

(I will have to recompile the EXE to put it at top and I
can not do it from here.)

> It also seems like one architectural change will be
> necessary: when you build a test suite, the names of the
> included tests, their source directories and CVS revision
> numbers should be written into a separate file, and copied

Names... ok, these are known. Source directories?
Ahh, that is harder. Could be done though, with some trickery.

CVS revision number? How do I even find that? I suppose you
do not mean CVS "2003-09-26" but the specific version number
for each test file "file.c ver 1.21".

> straight onto the processing site.  This is necessary for

And now I am lost again. What is the processing site?
Do you want a second file generated apart from the mail sent
to wine-tests-report?  (If yes, where should this file be sent?)

If you give a specification, as exact as possible, I can
probably create the file.

> setting up links in the output, and probably not worth
> including in the package itself.  Hope it is not a big
> problem.

Probably not, once I understand exactly what you want.  :-)

Jakob Eriksson

The wages of sin
  is debugging.
		  	-- Ron Jeffries (XP project coach)

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