Updated winetests.exe

Ferenc Wagner wferi at afavant.elte.hu
Mon Sep 29 16:53:01 CDT 2003

Jakob Eriksson <jakob at vmlinux.org> writes:

> On Sat, Sep 27, 2003 at 02:29:48PM +0200, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
>> Tester= field should be given slightly more emphasis, and
> How can I add more emphasis to it?

Sorry for my vague language, is reflects my vague thoughts.

Currently, it is amongst cryptic looking lines with a strong
don't-touch-me feel.  This is right, nobody should tinker
with most of the output, which should probably be static for
this reason.  But let's not care about the submission form
for now.  What I mean is the tester name and contact address
should be explicitly asked for (with a warning that it will
appear on the Web, munge if you want).  Like the comment.

>> the comment could be perhaps part of the report?
> Ahh.. ok, I'll fix that.  I will probably fix it in a few
> days, unless current situation is OK: I made a temporary
> fix by putting the comment at the bottom of the report,
> but I guess you want it at the top.

I do not care too much, but the top would be nicer, really.
Close it with something distinctive.

>> It also seems like one architectural change will be
>> necessary: when you build a test suite, the names of the
>> included tests, their source directories and CVS revision
>> numbers should be written into a separate file, and copied
> Names... ok, these are known. Source directories?  Ahh,
> that is harder. Could be done though, with some trickery.

Strange, the source directories were the first thing I
determined when I built my test package.  First of all, I
could not collect the tests short of this...

> CVS revision number? How do I even find that?

It is in the CVS directory, look at the Entries file.

>> straight onto the processing site.  This is necessary for
> And now I am lost again. What is the processing site?

WineHQ.org.  See my response to Dimi.

> Do you want a second file generated apart from the mail sent
> to wine-tests-report?  (If yes, where should this file be sent?)

Yes, but this second file is generated when you build and
publish the new tests binary, and sent straight to WineHQ,
possible together with some other information, like build
error logs.

> If you give a specification, as exact as possible, I can
> probably create the file.

It should be something along

unit directory (excuse if not built)
test revision
test revision

unit directory (excuse if not built)
test revision
test revision

etc.  Maybe something more expandable, I am rather poor at
designing file formats.  But do not be too fast, Dimi
opposes the whole idea, let's see what comes out at the end.


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