Script to compile Wine programs on Windows

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at
Sat Sep 27 18:22:48 CDT 2003

On Wed 24. September 2003 06:08, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> > Some resource files refer to icons if __WINE__ is not defined.  The icons
> > are missing.  Perhaps those references can be removed.  Alternatively,
> > icon resources should be converted to the binary format in Wine.  I don't
> > know if the reason to use text representations was because of wrc
> > limitations or to avoid binaries in Wine CVS.
> Yes, to avoid binaries in CVS. But what is the problem, icons can't
> be in text format? If no, we'll just have to use wrc, not a problem
> I guess (even though would be nice to be able to build using windres).

What is that bad with binary data in CVS, as long as used for those small 
picture files?

I think, we can and should store such files like icons and bitmaps in binary 
format. There is no point to avoid this. CVS supports it with "-kb". We don't 
need keyword expansion for this files. And we don't want to change only parts 
of this files. If we change them, they can be changed as a whole.
One more advantage: If you store this binary data inline in text format in the 
.rc files, they need at least three times more space as really needed.

I tried to compile my explorer as winelib application, and got to this 
problem: How to compile a resource file, which has no problems with RC or 
WINDRES with WRC? When inlining all the picture files with bin2res, I get a 
really huge RC file.

Martin Fuchs
martin-fuchs at

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