"Start menu"

Robert van Herk robert at robertvanherk.nl
Sun Sep 28 08:16:51 CDT 2003

Hi people,

It is said that there is some kind of start menu that should appear for 
Wine. I myself am using Slackware 9/KDE and on my system it does not 
show up though.

Furthermore, I do not think the wine start menu, if it exists, is 
currently being synchronized with the files in the Start Menu directory 
(Windows\\Start Menu) that Wine has.

Since I am not exactly sure what already exists, I don't know if it's a 
good idea to make a application (kicker applet?) that reads the .lnk 
files from the start menu dir and makes a menu out of that, so people 
can easily access Windows executables.

A great advantage of synchronizing with the Start Menu would be that 
after every installation the executables will appear on your desktop as 
people are used to from using Windows. This might make Wine more 
intuitive to use...

So, my question is:

To what extend does wine already do something like this, and, moreover, 
how should I turn that on .

If it does not has a functionality like this: do you agree that making 
this in a kicker applet is a good idea?



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