Wine programs for windows released on sourceforge

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith puoti at
Sun Sep 28 15:43:07 CDT 2003

>I don't have the full env to test it myself. Can you test whether the
>following patch solves this?
"change font" in the propitious menu wasn't clickable before this patch, and the
patch didn't change anything, but I don't have win xp, I have windows server
2003 (20030324).

Yes I'm using CVS.
It hasn't been a great day, first a 13 hour black out (And laptop battery down
thanks to my idea of running seti 24/7), then mail service down, anyway the
about problem is probably caused by the fact that the about display just calls
In wine we have, but if you compile that in windows and run it,
you get the gui of %systemroot%system32\winver.exe. Also, in windows server 2k3
I can't overwrite that file, as there's that file restore service, I don't know
if I can kill/disamble it, I'll give it a go (Let me know if there is a way to
get rid of this great feature). The solution may be to get the wine winver to
work correctly on windows without displaying something like
Wine 20030911 Copyright 2003 Microsoft Corporation
Then it could be  named winever and placed in %systemroot%\system32\winever.exe
and wine programs could call it directly when  running on windows.

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