Script to compile Wine programs on Windows

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Mon Sep 29 01:16:44 CDT 2003

> I don't think that's a real problem, these files don't change
> often. It certainly doesn't justify adding a complicated
> infrastructure to deal with it.

Indeed, I said, and I let it go. But thinking a little more
about it, I don't see how you solve the problem with the
manual stuff. As I understand it, the problem we need to
solve is as follows:
  -- store rule in
  -- handle multiple .rc files per Makefile
  -- rebuild .res file automatically if .rc or .bmp change

Now, in my proposal we have:

In Make.rules

        bin2res $< && touch $@

%.res: %.rc %.extract
        $(WRC) -o $@ $<

In make depend:

bitmap1.bmp bitmap2.bmp bitmap3.bmp: rsrc.extract

rsrc.res: bitmap1.bmp bitmap2.bmp bitmap3.bmp

rsrc.extract: rsrc.rc

The only complication here is the .extract file which
allows us to split the dependencies from the rules.
The complicated stuff are the dependencies, but you
need those anyway. A simple marker file is a small
price to pay for the convenience...
If you think we can keep it simpler, can you please
tell me a bit more of what you have in mind? How
are we going to use that $(RCBINARIES) if we have
more than one .rc file per Makefile?


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