Wineconf 2004, otherwise known as...

Keith Matthews keith_m at
Mon Sep 29 02:58:18 CDT 2003

On Sun, 28 Sep 2003 21:02:29 -0500
Jeremy White <jwhite at> wrote:

> Ideally, you need a conference facility that isn't uptight about
> the internet access.  You want to pay a (probably high) fee for
> access to a DSL line, and then bring in your own wireless hubs.
> Unfortunately, most conference facilities see this as an excuse
> to gouge people (you'll see charges into the thousands of dollars
> for internet access many places).

Experience with the UKUUG Linux conference shows that if you pick a
college/university you have a reasonable chance of getting sympathetic
people  high in the IT organisation who will provide such facilities
free. However I suspect that few colleges will be willing to offer them
over the new year break (as opposed to summer).

Worth trying though, especially if you have good contacts with suitable
local institutions.

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