Question about WineX licences

Ove Kaaven ovehk at
Mon Sep 29 20:12:04 CDT 2003

tir, 30.09.2003 kl. 02.24 skrev Jonathan Wilson:
>  From what I understand, if you download the WineX source tree, you get 
> code under LGPL, code under X11 and code under APL (which is basicly a 
> licence chosen to make sure that others cant just grab those bits and use them)
> Does anyone know which bits are under APL? I know the directx bits are but 
> what else is TransGaming holding back?

The list is here:

Everything that's LGPL should be listed on the above page. Additionally,
code in ReWind is X11. Anything else in WineX may be assumed AFPL, but
may also be released as X11 at TransGaming's discretion. I think most
non-DirectX code (and even a limited subset of the DirectX code) could
be released as X11 on request, although that's up to Gav.

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