Question about WineX licences

Jonathan Wilson jonwil at
Tue Sep 30 02:39:37 CDT 2003

> Everything that's LGPL should be listed on the above page. Additionally,
> code in ReWind is X11. Anything else in WineX may be assumed AFPL, but
> may also be released as X11 at TransGaming's discretion. I think most
> non-DirectX code (and even a limited subset of the DirectX code) could
> be released as X11 on request, although that's up to Gav.
To me it makes sense for TransGaming to give back everything except DirectX 
since the focus of WineX is gaming and its the DirectX code and the copy 
protection support that is the bits that are making transgaming the money.

One advantage is that then TransGaming could move more of the "support 
dlls" (things like ole32, oleaut32 & so on) up to the latest WINE LGPL code 
(since they would no longer have any custom modifications to those dlls) 
and both base WINE and WineX would get better as a consequence.

OTOH, there may be valid reasons for TransGaming not to licence things like 
OLE/COM improvements back as X11 or LPGL.

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