Kevin Koltzau kevin at plop.org
Tue Sep 30 21:21:42 CDT 2003

I'm aware of the scope of the project. The general design of uxtheme lends 
itself well to being done incrementally, eg. controls could be modified as 
support for the particular control is implemented, etc.
Also part of the API are a few functions (IsThemeActive & IsAppThemed) which 
will allow themes to be disabled in the beginning for theme aware 
applications until sufficient support has been built or if themes are 
disabled via config/registry.

First order of business tho is the headers

On Tuesday 30 September 2003 02:21 am, Roderick Colenbrander wrote:
> I hope you know what you will begin with. (For the ones that don't know
> uxtheme.dll is the dll that takes care of all theming on WinXP and it is
> the dll that dlls like comctl32 and all others use for theming)
> Some time ago I checked out uxtheme.dll a bit and it seems that it needs
> changes all over Wine. As I understand it WinXP ships with two sets of
> comctl32.dll and friends. One is the "old" version and one is a new uxtheme
> aware version. The uxtheme aware version contains lots of changes and uses
> uxtheme for theming. To use uxtheme you need to add uxtheme support to the
> dlls that need it which looks like a huge job. Perhaps this is something
> post Wine-1.0?
> Roderick Colenbrander

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