Kevin Koltzau kevin at plop.org
Tue Sep 30 21:34:03 CDT 2003

The different versions of comctl32 are part of Microsoft's "assembly" system 
which is primarilly an attempt to battle "DLL hell" as well as part of 
their .NET strategy, which (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't think afflicts 
this part of WINE very much.

Altho one thing to consider in this area is Manifests, which at a minimal case 
could be used to simply enable/disable theme support for a particular 
application, or could be ignored completely for themes (similar to how 
applications like Stardock's WindowBlinds skins every app, regardless of a 
Manifest requesting the new comctl32).

On Tuesday 30 September 2003 10:57 am, Roderick Colenbrander wrote:
> Ofcourse I want uxtheme.dll implemented since it is a very cool new dll but
> I think a problem will be that it needs changes in various parts of Wine.
> Mainly in the user and common control area. Microsoft releases two sets of
> comctl32 dlls. One of them is meant for backwards compatibility. Because of
> this I think Wine will need two dlls and it might be needed to maintain two
> dlls. :(
> Because of all this I said that it might be something for after Wine 1.0.
> This dll could later be reused for theming Wine and that atleast was
> something we planned to do behind 1.0, right?
> Roderick

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