Henk Poley hpoley at
Wed Apr 7 15:12:06 CDT 2004

Ivan Leo Murray-Smith wrote:

> This patch
> breaks the decompression system used by lots of microsoft software, a
> screenshot is attached.
> This breaks the installer of the word 97 viewer, and probably of
> all office viewers,

Tried to install on an updated (like 45 min old) CVS version to test it,
seems to get in an endless loop here. Also tried to install the Excel97
viewer. That one works correctly.

I have Franks Winetools installed, used it to install all of the "Windows
system files". I am using wine's own config file (not Frank's).

> and it may affect dcom

DCOM98 seems to be working here, installed it quite recently too.

btw, what is the nature of the bug, does it generate corrupt files?

        Henk Poley <><

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