RSABASE/TESTS: Fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Aug 9 06:57:18 CDT 2004

"Hans Leidekker" <hans at> wrote:

> What do you propose then? I could do something like this:
>   if (GetLastError()==(DWORD)NTE_BAD_KEYSET)
> But I consider a cast even uglier then introducing an intermediate
> variable. We somehow have to live with the fact that NTE_BAD_KEYSET
> is defined as ((HRESULT)0x80090016L), which is signed, and GetLastError()
> returning DWORD, i.e unsigned.

I propose a simple solution - just ignore warnings in these cases.
Win32 is not an API which you could safely compile with signed/unsigned
comparison warnings turned on, there are huge amount of cases when an
API receives an unsigned int as a string length but returns signed int
as a resulting length, and vice versa. There is no any consistency with
passing/returning buffer lengths in Win32 at all, sometimes it's DWORD,
sometimes UINT, sometimes just int. And that's just a couple of examples.


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