Wine devel: Two MFC bugs

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Aug 9 23:48:39 CDT 2004

Shaun Green wrote:
> The first is a display problem of edit boxes; for some reason the text
> (numbers) are displaying left justified, instead of right justified. The
> edit boxes are definitely set for right justified and display fine in
> Windows.
> The second bug is that when I multi-select files to perform an operation on,
> nothing happens. One selected file works fine, but any additional ones cause
> nothing to happen. Works fine in Windows.
> For both of these problems I'd be happy to provide the MFC/C++ code
> snippets, just let me know.

Please do.  Ideally, you should file a separate bug in Wine's bugzilla
( for each of the two problems,
and attach or link to a zip file of an MSVC project plus source code and
executable of the small test case.
(Like I did in bug )


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