Different X Displays and Wine

Boaz Harrosh boaz at hishome.net
Wed Aug 11 07:35:48 CDT 2004

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

>That's not supported at the moment. You can run apps on two different
>displays by using a different WINEPREFIX for each, so that they don't
>share the same wineserver. Using different users would work too.
Since I started to research this I was terrified this would be the answer.

  I Thinks It should be stated, in bold letters, at the beginning of the 
user guide. I kind of have my neck on the line here. The reason I was 
contracted for this job was so we can run 100s of users off of a modest 
Linux Server room. With cheap x-terminals and old Win98 machines running 
an X-Server.
  What about the todo page is that on the todo for 1.0? Is it on any 
todo List?

Back to business: What you are saying is that I need to run a separate 
wineserver instance for each different $DISPLAY I want to support. This 
can only be done with WINEPREFIX or with a different user. Now, I need 
this to have the minimum Impact on the server so I have some questions 
if any one can help me I will most appreciate it:

[1] Can I Just "ln -s" the .wine folder and than point WINEPREFIX to the 
new link so a new wineserver Instance will be lunched? Or do I need a 
separate copy.
(something like> ln -s .wine .wine$DISPLAY ;WINEPREFIX=.wine$DISPLAY 
wine ...)
OK, I tried, this does not work! what does work is (# mkdir 
.wine$DISPLAY ;ln -s .wine/*  .wine$DISPLAY/) have a real directory with 
every thing there linked to the real thing.

[2] If yes for 1 would the Linux Kernel share my code segments across 
wineservers? (Probably yes).

[3] When is the $DISPLAY sampled by the wineserver. On first application 
startup, on first window created, or on server load? If I make the 
wineserver stay in memory (-p) will it re sample the $DISPLAY when a new 
app is started after all the old ones exit.

[4] Can I pre-run a wineserver and than on connection point wine to use 
a specific (next) wineserver Instance? IF not will it be hard to 
implement and will it be accepted into the tree? If yes and it is 
accepted can it be made automatic when ever $DISPLAY is changed 
(different). (Instead of bailing out a few moments later)

[5] How much effort is it to Implement such a support? Where do I start? 
Did any one have any thoughts on how this should be implemented? I was 
always in the notion that the x11drv was an In-process implementation 
creating a relationship between the wine-process and the x subsystem it 
is running under, only registering information under the server. Proof 
of that, I thought, was the current lack of cross process windowing. 
Well I was wrong. What is the basic flaw in Windows API that prevents it?

[(DWORD)-1] What does Codweavers do on their Server product. How do they 
server concurrent Office users?

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