config converting problem

Henning Gerhardt henning.gerhardt at
Wed Aug 11 09:45:20 CDT 2004

Hi Mike, you wrote:

>> If you want to fix it, the simplest way would be to create the following
>> symlinks in ~/.wine/dosdevices:
>> ln -s ../fake_windows c:
>> ln -s /home/julian y:
>Or to delete ~/.wine

I think this is not a good idea because of all your own documents or 
installed programs.

>I'm not sure what to do about this, except maybe to add back in support 
>for ${HOME} style vars. It's clear that people are "using" (at least, 
>installing) much older versions than we anticipated.

Personally I would prefer to merge back the support for ${HOME}
variables because I think many other people have the same problem
if they want to upgrade wine.



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