[wine] Re: config converting problem

David Lee Lambert lamber45 at cse.msu.edu
Sat Aug 14 23:21:23 CDT 2004

On Wed, Aug 11, 2004 at 04:45:20PM +0200, Henning Gerhardt wrote:
> Hi Mike, you wrote:

> >I'm not sure what to do about this, except maybe to add back in support 
> >for ${HOME} style vars. It's clear that people are "using" (at least, 
> >installing) much older versions than we anticipated.
> Personally I would prefer to merge back the support for ${HOME}
> variables because I think many other people have the same problem
> if they want to upgrade wine.

Not having totally grokked the code,  I think this raises an important semantic 
issue:  if ~/.wine/dosdevices and the config-file's text conflict,  which has 
priority?  Or should Wine read the config-file and then (effectively) overwrite the 
settings with the contents of ~/.wine/dosdevices?  This won't work if Wine 
automatically builds ~/.dosdevices from scratch.

It seems that mapping one drive to the user's home directory is a common case,  
since many organizations already do this for users via Samba or Netware.  As 
presently implemented,  is there any reason a system administrator shouldn't do

( cd /etc/skel ; mkdir -p .wine/dosdevices ; cd .wine/dosdevices ; ln -s f: ../.. )

where f (for example) is the drive letter used for each user's home directory,  and 
then use a shell script to push the change out retroactively to existing accounts?

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