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Hello everyone,

A couple months back I voulenteered to do a Acknowledgment page
and to say the least i'm a bit stuck. I have a first draft/alpha that i'm
going  to attach here.
I would like to know if there is anyone who would like join me in doing 
this page?
Or if anyone here has some ideas on how to improve, complete this page?

I would like to see a discussion on setting a criteria for this page.
As this will be a very important page on the winehq site.
So any and all feedback is most welcome.

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                business that donated significant code to Wine

   1. Made Wine work with Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Lotus Notes and Quicken
   2. Made Wine work with QuickTime, Windows Media Player and Shockwave
   3. The Wine 1.0 Initiative
   4. Wine Bugs Database
   5. Wine Application Database
   6. WineHQ Redesign
   7. Wine Documentation
   8. Winemaker, or making Winelib actually useful
   9. Easy to use Configuration
  10. Address Space Separation
  11. Unicode/code pages support
  12. Dramatic window management revision
  13. Shared Window handles
  14. Most of the DLL separation work
  15. Debugging API
  16. Lots of work on the common controls
  17. About a gazillion bug fixes
  18. Making many more installers work

Corel dedicated a team of paid engineers to the Wine project in January 1999. This team 
focused on adding functionality to Wine that let Corel applications, such as WordPerfect, 
CorelDRAW, and Quattro Pro run on Linux and be ported to native Linux applications. In the past, 
Corel relied on conventional porting techniques to move some of its applications 
(Corel WordPerfect 8) to Linux. This provided a fast way to get these applications to 
Linux, but meant that porting had to be repeated with each new version. Otherwise, 
development had to be maintained on two separate code bases, which required considerably 
greater resources. Although there is an up-front investment in time and energy required 
to make Wine viable, once it reaches a high enough level, the facilities it provides 
can be used repeatedly to port many applications with minimal engineering effort.

macadamian got involved with the Wine project through partnership with Corel Corporation.

  1. 2D DirectDraw
  2. DirectSound 
  3. DirectInput
  4. DCOM, RPC
  5. WIDL IDL compiler
  6. Wininet code, including SSL support.

worked on winelib extensively in order to make Canvas work.

Implementation of Windows-style asynchronous I/O over sockets in Wine.
As well as small contributions to advapi32 and netapi32.

  1.Wine Registry Editor (regedit) contributions.
  2.Shell32.dll code contributions
  3.Am I missing anything ??????????????

                  People that donated money helped to put on the first Wine developer's conference in 2002, by both hosting it 
and paying travel expenses for many major Wine developers. helped to put on the second Wine developer's conference in 2004, by both hosting 
it and paying some expenses for major Wine developers.

Below is a short list of people who have given money to the wpf.
If you have given money to this fund and would like to be included
on this page just send a e-mail to wine-devel and ask for inclusion.

    * Dimitrie O. Paun
    * Michael Stefaniuc
    * Nick Capik
    * Tom Wickline
    * Gregory M. Turner
    * Sylvain Petreolle
    * Dan Kegel
    * John Alvord
    * Kirk Ruff
    * David L. Harper
    * Bob Hepple
    * Mark A. Horton
    * Kevin P. Lawton
    * The Syntropy Institute
    * James Woulfe
    * VMWare Inc. 

                   Major code contributors

Okay this is where I'm really stuck... First off I was not here the first eight years of this project
so I have no idea of who was the guru of the day. Also some may say if you list one person
you should list everyone. But that is the job of the Authors page. So should I just say here is the full
list of people who have given there time and work and link to the Authors page ? 

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